Music is well said to be the speech of angels. ~Thomas Carlyle, "The Opera"

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A Wonderful Start to 2015!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for a wonderful start to 2015 at our first rehearsal after Christmas. We have some very interesting projects coming up in the near future. In particular, the Crewe Concert Band and the Llangollen Male Voice Choir promise to be very intriguing and worthwhile collaborations.


Spotify is one of the current free music streaming services providing digital rights, controlled content from record labels (Sony, EMI, Warner Music, Universal). Music can be browsed, searched by artist, album, genre, playlist or record label.

You can play the music without actually having to download the app from the internet. All you have to do is double click this link:

DB_Living Composers

However! Why not try having your own Spotify? Go to the App store and put, "Spotify" into the "search" bar. It's free. (for this you have to endure just a small amount of advertising) 

Seems too good to be true, right? But you are not cheating anyone by playing these tracks - every time a track is played, the performers and creators are in fact being paid. 

What can you make with all those lovely CDs? Coasters? Tree ornaments? Christmas wreaths? Or cut them into shiny bits and use them on a mosaic project.......

Today's Playlist

Composers - are they a thing of the past? When we think of composers, we may be limiting our thinking to composers of the 19th Century and before. I mean, we all know of the greatness of composers like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and later Wagner.......but who are the voices of today?

As in other creative realms - think about photography for example - the tools that we now have enable many more people to create. We have many more composers than ever before, because they all have computers with fantastic software (you all have copies of Garage Band on your own computers, don't you?), electronic instruments and access to all the resources one could ever need. These are musicians who have more formal training than at any other time in history. Many hold PhDs and are teaching in major universities. 

And so, I have enjoyed collecting choral works by living composers for you to hear. They are all living except Stephen Paulus, who wrote, "The Road Home", which is the 7th track. As I was gathering the music, I learned sadly, that he had passed away this past fall at age 65.

I shall be interested in your reactions. Perhaps you will make interesting observations or be inspired to seek out more related music.

Generally composers write music for which they are commissioned. Text is chosen first and foremost, so you will find that usually the text has a timeless quality to it. It may come from the Bible, or from classical poetry or may be unique in some way, as in the case of, "Wherever You Are" by Paul Mealor, which is a collection from the letters of wives of military servicemen. 

Thanks everyone! Please enjoy the musical offering.............see you at rehearsal!