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Italian Tour Last Day!

Alas our tour has come to an end. We have to keep telling ourselves “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home! ” But really were thinking, there’s no place like The Amalfi Coast.

We spent out our last day visiting Pompeii . What an amazing place that is!

The bus ride to Pogerola took us high into the mountains with spectacular views over the bay of Naples on one side and the Amalfi Coast on the other. The Church in Pogerola was beautiful with its colourful frescoes and our host made us feel very welcome, as did the audience.

We definitely finished our tour on a high and the meal afterwards was the icing on the cake. Delicious food and wonderful company. Who could ask for a better five days!  ‘When I'm 64′ made another appearance in the restaurant  with a slight change in lyrics and the PazzMENte surprised us with their version of  Santa Lucia.

We presented Gill and Katie with their thank you gifts. If it hadn't been for all their hard work, well………

At the airport Jenny found a way of getting priority boarding! (She did  have a poorly leg…honest!)

Thank you Rayburn Tours for making the tour run like clockwork.

And to finish, our quote of the day, this time from Angela C:

“I’m starting to get used to these bisexual toilets!”