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Budapest Concert Tour - Wednesday 11th April 2018

Free day! We woke up to another glorious morning, 20 degrees by 9:30am. Everyone split off to do their own thing which was very easy in a city with so much to offer! We were all given a travel card which made it easy to move around the city...or not in some cases! One member travelled the length of tramline 13 and another group set off in the wrong direction and had to come back again! 

Thermal Baths

Some groups decided to take the waters! The Earth's crust is thinner under Budapest which means there is a ready supply of thermal water and many thermal spas from which to choose. 

Food Market

Some others explored the Central Market. As you can imagine there was plenty of paprika to buy!


Walks along the Danube

There's a promenade that allows you to stroll along the river and soak up the views.


Near the Parliament building is an art installation called "Shoes beside the Danube" which represents the 20,000 Jews who were killed by the Nazis at this spot. 


A couple of energetic Decibellas walked all the way to Margaret island and did a 5km run!


St Stephen's Basilica

Plenty chose to visit the Basilica to experience the breathtaking views from the dome!

Budapest Opera House

Built in the 1890's, the Mayor of Budapest was told his new Opera House could not be as big as the one in Vienna, he wasn't told that it couldn't be grander! Some Decibellas chose to visit and were treated to some beautiful arias!

Budapest Great Synagogue

Some of the group visited the synagogue on Dohány Street which is one of the largest in Europe. It contains the Tree of Life; on each leaf is written a name of someone lost.

Tree of life.jpg


In the evening, everyone found somewhere to eat and drink. We understand that one group enjoyed "Sex on the Beach" in a local bar! Others made their way to the Ruin bars and ate street food.

Tomorrow promises to be the hottest day yet and our last concert!