Music is well said to be the speech of angels. ~Thomas Carlyle, "The Opera"

An Award Winning Women's Choir

Budapest Concert Tour - Thursday 12th April 2018

Our last full day and last concert. It was another beautiful morning with over 25 degrees forecast. Most of the party headed off for a tour of the Parliament building, and what a magnificent building! The ornate mouldings and gold leaf were spectacular as was the history! One particularly interesting story was that of the smoking corridor, which was used so often that visibility was very poor. It was therefore where politicians had secret rendez-vous. but what they forgot about was that everyone could tell where they had been because they smelt of cigarette smoke!

After the tour, it was back to the hotel for a quick change and off to Buda Castle for our final concert. At 28 degrees, it was quite warm in our concert dresses, so most of the choir resorted to flip flops!  The venue was wonderful, like one section of an amphitheatre and the acoustics were fabulous. We had another great audience that included some young Russian ladies who were huge fans of Marcus! It wasn't surprising , really, as he gave everyone a masterclass in how to truly perform, reducing everyone to tears during Bring Him Home

After another encore, we then headed back to the hotel to get ready for our dinner cruise down the Danube. Wow! The food was delicious, the food was stunning, but the company was the best! The husbands and partners, were itching to perform, having watched the choir all week and gave us a rendition of Santa Lucia! Much fun was had with the selfie stick, once everyone had received proper training! It was a wonderful way to spend the last night!

Sadly we all needed to pack before bed as it was an early start the next day for home!